Flare Gas Monitoring System per Refinery Sector Rule (RSR) CFR63.67

Effective January 30, 2019, refineries will be required to measure BTU in flare gas. When deciding how best to implement this mandate within your facility, there are several analyzers to consider – Gas Chromatograph, Mass Spectrometers and Calorimeters. 

ACSI’s experienced team of engineers can help plan and execute your RSR compliance project. Contact us to schedule a no obligation, technical presentation to discuss details of your requirements, i.e., new installation, retrofit, analyzer comparisons, sample conditioning, sample probes, safety, and performance.

With over 75 years of combined experience and collaboration with numerous manufacturers, we can provide you with a best-fit solution for your RSR application.

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FCCU - Environmental Compliance

November 21, 2017 Since the development and first commercial installation of a fluid catalytic cracking process unit in 1942, it has become a widely used and important process in refineries across the world. FCC Units are responsible for producing a large volume of high quality gasoline blending stock throughout the refining industry. With the Increasingly demanding environmental regulations, many FCC Units are requiring upgrades/modifications. Our custom-designed, analytical system is compliant with NSPS Subpart Ja requirements for daily calibration drift checks, quarterly cylinder gas audits and annual relative accuracy test audits; can continuously draw process gas into the system while effectively keeping particulate out of the analyzers; accurately measures CO, CO2, and O2 in order to calculate the rate of coke burn-off from the catalyst; and offers easy access for online maintenance and troubleshooting

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Pre-Designed/Cost-Effective Power Industry CEMS

November 15, 2017 ACSI has developed a cost-effective, pre-engineered CEM System specifically for the Power Industry. This system conforms to U.S. EPA 40 CFR 60/75 and utilizes best-fit solutions to fulfill the measurement piece of your permit. The standard design includes detailed engineering and drawings, and integration of quality manufacturer equipment well known to the industry. This pre-engineered approach ensures a desired price point, and improved response and delivery times. As with any of our projects, we can accommodate any customer-required modifications or specifications as needed. Check out our Literature page to learn more or give us a call at 800.505.4122.

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Flare Gas Monitoring System – EPA Refinery Sector Rule (RSR)

October 17, 2017 The compliance deadline for implementation of the US EPA Refinery Sector Rule (RSR) for all types of flares is January 30, 2019.   For US Refineries, this rule imposes stricter emissions limits and requires further analysis of material sent to the flare.  Additionally, new reporting requirements must be implemented as well.

ACSI has a dedicated RSR Review Team ready to discuss your compliance needs.  With over 20 years of experience in diverse industries, and through collaboration with numerous manufacturers we provide a best-fit solutions approach to all projects; a unique approach that allows us to provide the safest, highest performing, lowest cost of ownership, and most robust analytical systems solutions in today’s market.

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Featured System

October 9, 2017 We recently finished production on this Power Plant CEMS project. Some of the highlights include: Two fully independent rack-mounted CEMS; 10’ x 12’ climate controlled shelter; NOx and CO2 monitoring; heated calibration gas bottle room; integrated data controller manages remote sample system actuation and notification, as well as reporting data for environmental compliance; Two 24,000 BTUH HVAC units with 5kW heaters; General Purpose area classification.

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The UNBOUND Philosophy

October 2, 2017 ACSI is not chained to any specific brand of equipment, unlike our competitors. What we offer customers is freedom from constraints. Because doing it right means harnessing the best of everything available, then designing and engineering it to levels of performance you simply can’t get anywhere else.  



Moisture in Liquid Hydrocarbons - Dryer Efficiency Solutions

September 1, 2017 Moisture in Hydrocarbons are a crucial measurement for many Dryer and Blending applications/processes. This can include anything from Butane, Propane, Diesel, and other additional streams. The measurement is not only a vital process control measurement, but is required for custody transfer applications. Our designs ensure that the Hydrocarbon Dewpoint for all/any streams are considered and facilitated to guarantee a quality, repeatable, representative analysis no matter what analytical device is utilized. Check out our Literature page to learn more or give us a call at 800.505.4122.

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Featured System

August 21, 2017 We recently completed production of this custom Marine Vapor Oxygen Analyzer System.  Just a few of the highlights of this unit include: Redundant oxygen reading (one 420 mA output per analyzer, Modbus capable); Redundant flow alarm; HMI Interface; Remote Operation Capable; Modbus Capable; Comprehensive pass/fail alarm with status indicator; One touch calibration; Powder coated stainless-steel enclosure (for harsh marine environment); 400W heater for freeze protection; Class 1, Division 2.  Visit out our Literature page and download the product brochure for additional information.

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Analytical Solutions for the Ammonia Process

August 14, 2017 Many ammonia facilities have original sample conditioning systems and mass spectrometers that were installed over 25 years ago.  Many of these systems, particularly on wet streams, were poorly designed and as a result affected analysis performance.  With our years of experience in the fertilizer industry, and knowledge of the latest technologies, we can provide a proven design to ensure a quality/repeatable ongoing analysis.

Featured System

August 1, 2017 Production is complete on this Class 1 Division 2 Process Analyzer System for a National refiner. It measures specific gravity, oxygen, carbon monoxide & methane, and carbon monoxide; contains a process sample conditioning system; HMI alarm displays with heat trace setpoint control; fully integrated alarm system with interior and exterior controls; 8’x 8’ walk-in shelter with ground pads; and a 2-ton wall mounted HVAC with pressurizer.  Check out our Literature page and download the product brochure for additional information.

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Exhibiting 7/31-8/2 at the Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course 

July 27, 2017 Come see us Monday, July 31st – Wednesday, August 2nd at the Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course.  Hosted by Robert Morris University in Moon Township, PA.  Stop by table 1003 to discuss your environmental or process analytical system needs. Lots of giveaways!

Featured System

July 18, 2017 Measure BTU for Custody Transfer and Process Control                                                 The gas chromatograph is recognized as the benchmark for measuring hydrocarbon components, calculating and outputting Btu value.  Our self-contained unit does not require a walk-in shelter, and the compact design allows for easy placement near the sample point to reduce response time.  The package includes heated and non-heated sample probes, sample transport lines, sample conditioning, temperature controls, power supply, power distribution, analyzer, heated enclosure and communication.  Check out our Literature page and download the product brochure for additional information.


Feed Studies 

July 6, 2017 ACSI's in-house, multi-discipline engineering staff can provide Front End Engineering Design (FEED) studies as a critical first step in the implementation and success of process analytics projects in various industries.  

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Featured System

June 20, 2017 ACSI recently completed production of this custom Process Control System for an Ethylene Oxide Plant.  The 13.5’ x 7.5’ stainless-steel walk-in shelter is packed with 6 analyzers (Mass Spectrometer, Gas Chromatograph, Paramagnetic, Multiwave Photometer), 9 sample points, 4 sample conditioning system in 2 heated enclosures, 3-ton wall mounted HVAC with pressurization and 50’ stack, and a fully integrated alarm system monitoring temperature, pressure, LEL and O2 with interior and exterior controls. 

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ISO 9001:2008 Recertification Approved

June 7, 2017  ACSI’s ISO 9001:2008 recertification was approved without remarks. Moving forward, we will begin the transition to the newest standard, ISO 9001:2015, that will be initiated during 2017.     


Featured System

May 30, 2017  We put the finishing touches on this CEMS Boiler Project today.  Just a few of the custom features include:  two fully integrated CEMS, integrated controller for analyzer control and environmental reporting, two complete double-block and bleed systems for automatic bottle switching, safety system for LEL, H2S, Co and O2 area monitors with horns and strobe.